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Text Box: The Independent TEA PARTY of White County, Arkansas  stands as a firewall that protects our country’s prosperity against fiscal irresponsibility and moral decay.  We are ordinary citizens prepared to oppose the reckless liberal agenda that has pushed our nation to the brink of bankruptcy and endangered our children’s future.  Join Us, today!  Your freedoms are under attack.



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Fred Ramey was a candidate for U.S. Senate from Arkansas in the last election.  Check out his blog here:

Fred, White and Blue

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The Independent Tea Party meets Monday,

October 27th, at 6:30 PM

IHOP at Searcy.

This is the last meeting before the election.

We will be reviewing the 5 issues on the ballot.

Be sure to attend this meeting and be an educated voter.

The public is invited to attend.  For more info

Call 501-278-9413 or email


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The Independent Tea Party of White County is registered with the State of Arkansas  as an 827  Political Action Committee. 

Issue #1.  NO!  Gives the legislative body more power over the executive branch.  Huh?

Issue #2.  NO AGAIN!  Makes it harder for the average Joe to get an initiative on the ballot.

Issue #3.  ABSOLUTELY NO,  FOR THE THIRD TIME! Ask the legislators what they don't understand about NO!
This supposed ethics bill is a pack of lies.  It will extend term limits and establish a "citizens panel" to set salaries for many supposed public servants on the public dole.  Guess who gets to APPOINT these "citizens"?  You guessed it.  The Legislative elite.

Issue #4.  NOPE AGAIN! What's that you say?  This one is not REALLY about alcohol.  It takes away White County residents' right to decide whether or not White County will be a wet or dry.  COME ON!

Issue #5 is questionable as well but you be the judge.  It will raise the minimum wage in Arkansas.